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Updated: Jan 22, 2019

Finding time to give back is important, despite how busy we all get. Viva! is proud of our give-back programs’ success this year. Keep up the great work – we believe in you and enjoy supporting your efforts!

Congratulations to REAP for receiving a $10,000 donation from Umpqua Bank Charitable Foundation! REAP Young Entrepreneurs Program is a career leadership program focused on entrepreneurial education and innovation for Portland’s low-income and minority 14- to 18-year-old youth.

Arabian Horse Rescue & Education we congratulate your organization on raising more than $10,000 through your annual gala in May, “A Time to Bloom.” Arabian Horse Rescue & Education program rehabilitates Arabian horses with the hope they will become adoptable companion horses. AHR&E mentors youth so they see the intricate demeanor and beauty of these horses, and at the same time help strengthen their own self-confidence. 

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