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Part of an event planner’s daily challenge lies in how successfully we bring all parties together and communicate overall key messages (from breakout sessions to keynotes) across an event in an innovative, creative way. Viva! Events is fortunate to partner our clients with improv business consultants, On Your Feet, to ensure this happens. 

Recently, On Your Feet was an integral part of our success during a leadership summit, where concise, consistent messages were essential for our client. To ensure all parties were on the same page, we kicked off the planning during a 90-minute session with key stakeholders focusing on three simple, but powerful intentions: Feel, Know and Do. The expectation was that these three statements would tie back to all outcome statements and messages across the summit.

Desired outcomes needed to be grounded in how we wanted the participant to feel during the meeting, what we wanted them to know, and what they needed to do after leaving.

  • Content – Know

  • Emotion – Feel

  • Action – Do

This framework provided the guidance to narrow down the desired outcomes and became a barometer to ensure that all the elements from keynote messages, executive presentations, breakouts and meeting materials were aligned. The work we did upfront on the desired outcomes provided a successful path to a more meaningful and results-driven meeting. 

On Your Feet’s ability to connect the dots in an engaging way helped all stakeholders stay on task, plus offered a chuckle or two throughout the planning process – they are improv experts after all!

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