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Updated: Nov 1, 2018

What to know before you hit go! Event design is about creating an environment that tells a unique story in that event's moment. For an event designer, a design board is key to ensuring this goal is achieved. This tool allows both Viva! and the client to collaborate creatively and ensure there's a cohesiveness that represents the atmosphere and branding goals of the event (no surprises here - for Viva! or our client). The following steps help us keep on track:

  • Creative Concepting – We schedule an initial meeting with our clients to gather information that might affect design (event location, branding requirements, preconceived expectations, etc.). 

  • Collaborate with Rental Partners – We engage rental partners early to ensure our client's “Wish List” can be procured (soft seating, bar facades, staging, props, lighting and even the ever-elusive vintage truck to serve beverages from the tailgate -in vintage turquoise, of course!)

  • Create the Board – Then we develop a visual, electronic board that includes each of the key design elements (i.e. linen, floral, lighting, staging, etc.). The board includes a number of visual samples for us to continue the collaborative discussion. 

At the end of the day, the design board is a tool to keep everything on track. Keep in mind the event is unique and the outcome will vary slightly; most importantly, remember a design board's purpose is to establish a direction. 

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