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Something we love about the event industry is that nothing ever stays the same. We aspire and expect to give our clients and their participants a unique experience each and every time we engage with them. Here is one event industry trend to be on the lookout for in 2019, that we look forward to incorporating into our programs.

We call it #hashtagheaven for attendees…long before entering a venue, attendees are enthusiastically posting across all social media platforms on the event, creating new ways for us to leverage their engagement and create a personal experience.

A social media wall is the perfect way to capture and engage an audience throughout an event. This wall, known as a social wall, is a feed of aggregated live posts that are displayed on a wall of digital signage in real-time. These posts are taken from platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest. The walls collect them all together in one central location.

Social media walls can be used throughout an event, such as hallways, lobby area, food area, or flanking the stage, etc. These walls let the attendees know what they’re missing (an important communication tool) and let them be updated live throughout the event. They are an excellent opportunity for posting questions or replies, requesting recommendations in the event venue, reactions, likes and dislikes, contest, polls etc. Perfect for C-Suite meetings and other corporate events!

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