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Something we love about the event industry is that nothing ever stays the same. We aspire and expect to give our clients and their participants a unique experience each and every time we engage with them. Here is another industry trend to be on the lookout for in 2019 that we look forward to incorporating into our programs.

Viva! Events has long been an innovator in selecting unusual spaces and objects to incorporate into our venues (hence, why a llama or longhorn may have frequented our social media in the past!). This year's venue selection will get pushed even farther. Trends to expect:

  • Non-traditional spaces such as parking lots, warehouses, city blocks, and retail spaces.

  • Venues with architectural details, such as those with exposed piping of a warehouse, a rustic barn, airport hangars, industrial wood shops -- these gems give an authentic and photo-rich opportunity.

  • Exclusivity with high-touch VIP experience, think factory off-hours tours or behind-the-scenes experiences to amp up with WOW factor.

Getting creative with a few antique planes isn’t out of the question for a C-Suite or an incentive dinner event.

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