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Updated: Jun 14, 2018

COMMUNITY! Find time to give back.

We are excited to share our 2018 give back programs and hope you're inspired to join us in connecting with these forward-thinking non-profits. Inspiration at work (and away from the office) matters! We'd love to hear about your passions the next time you cross paths with a Viva! staff member - we love learning more about you.

Arabian Horse Rescue & Education – This program rehabilitates Arabian horses with the hopes they will become adoptable companion horses. AHR&E mentors youth so they see the intricate demeanor and beauty of these horses and at the same time help strengthen their self-confidence. You can see Denise working with rescue horse Charlie above. 

REAP Young Entrepreneurs Program – A career leadership program focused on entrepreneurial education and innovation for Portland’s low-income and minority 14-18 year old youth.

Friends of the Gorge – The only non-profit organization dedicated entirely to protecting the Columbia Gorge. Help us support the restoration of the Gorge after the devastating 2017 Eagle Creek fire. 

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