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Viva! Event and Destination Management

Destination Management

Viva! Events is passionate about showcasing Oregon as a premier destination providing one-of-a-kind connections that engage and motivate attendees to enjoy the true, unfiltered authenticity of the state.


The regions we serve include:

  • Portland 

  • Eugene

  • Hood River


Oregon's acclaimed food experiences, cutting-edge artisan movements, and thriving cultural scenes make for a perfect combination and Viva! helps bring these experiences to life.


Our Services Include:

  • Excursions & Tours

  • Décor & Entertainment

  • Airport Meet & Greet


• Team Building

• Off-Site Dinners
• Ground Transportation



  • Bend

  • Willamette Valley

  • The Coast


Urban Hikes

Escape the city without leaving Portland,
through a guided tour in Forest Park, the
nation’s largest urban forest with over 70
miles of trails. The park is a haven for animals and adventurers alike. With 200 parks in the Portland area, visitors are never far from a trail, viewpoint or garden bench.

Columbia River Gorge Tours

Tour the Columbia River Gorge and discover amazing vistas, trails and more than 90 waterfalls. The Gorge is unique in its natural and cultural history, as well as its designation as a National Scenic Area. Tours are available from waterfall experiences and hikes, to wine tastings and sightseeing. You can even customize a tour to include a trip to Mt Hood.

Beverage Tours

Experience Portland’s cutting-edge beverage scene through customizable tours to include tastings, facility tours and food pairings. With over 75 breweries, urban wineries within walking distance and award-winning craft distilleries, you are guaranteed never to go thirsty. Similar experiences are available for coffee, tea and kombucha.

Portland City Waterways

Enjoy cruises and sightseeing along the Willamette and the Columbia River Gorge on Portland’s riverboats. These two rivers are a playground for kayakers, paddleboarders, fishermen and swimmers, where customizable tour experiences await.

Thrill Seeker

Heart-pumping experiences for the adrenaline seeker are right at your fingertips. Offering a variety of activities: white water rafting, helicopter tours, rock climbing, jet boat rides and ziplining.

Food Tours

Tour and taste your way through Oregon’s
fresh, organic food scene. Award-winning
restaurants, farmers markets and food carts make Oregon a coveted destination for culinary connoisseurs, all while learning a touch of local history along the way. Culinary courses, food pairings and food cart tours are all customizable.

Maker Tours

Discover the artisanal movement of craftspeople, entrepreneurs and doers who
are reinventing and reshaping one handmade product at a time. Customizable classes, workshops and tours allow for an up-close experience in the most celebrated makerspaces with an opportunity to reveal your inner DIY.

Cultural Tours

Explore all things local and take advantage of a wealth of informative, guided outings around town, from historical to quirky. Whether you’re looking to sightsee by bike, bus, boat or your own two feet, there’s a tour option for you.

Let's Collaborate

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