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Giveback Programs


Connecting the World.  We launched our company in 2006 with the intention to provide a touchstone for leveraging projects and events as a platform to connect our world and inspire compassion. We enjoy creating awareness and opportunities for our clients and suppliers to engage and partner with local and international philanthropic enterprises. These partnerships create synergy and momentum to bridge support for sustainable programs and enrich lives worldwide.

Arabian Horse Rescue and Education

Arabian Horse Rescue and Education rehabilitates horses with the hopes that they will become adoptable companion horses. Each horse that is rescued receives individualized treatment, care, and training, so that its full potential can be realized. 

The Youth Mentoring program promotes confidence around horses and within one's self. The program is designed to be a long-term commitment and have students succeed through various levels of progress.

REAP: the next wave of leaders


Viva! supports REAP, which has emerged as one of the stellar youth development program models in the State of Oregon since 2001. Commonly known for its ability to engage students and develop their leadership potential, REAP has become an essential resource to many business leaders, educators elected officials, community advocates and parents to ensure students are college and career ready.

Past giveback organizations

Below are some of the amazing organizations that we've supported over the years.


  • Business for Culture and the Arts - connects business and the arts to strengthen Oregon's culture and economy.

  • Cambodian Silk Scarves, through Vulnerable Children of Cambodia (VCOC), a small non-profit that provides vocational skills to children and women survivors of labor and sex trafficking.

  • Greyhound Pet Adoption - finds responsible loving homes for Greyhounds, which fail to qualify or no longer qualify for the racetrack.

  • Neighborhood House - delivers innovative and life-changing programs for low-income people of all ages.

  • World Pulse - unites millions of women worldwide into a powerful force for change.

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