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COVID-19: Creating Safer Gatherings

Viva! is designing and managing initiatives, task forces, and projects that support healthier and safer networking and socializing environments for organization’s employees, customers, and partners.


  • Working with organizations to mobilize and optimize COVID-19 recovery efforts within their organization or industry

  • Creating streamlined processes with organizations to communicate COVID-19 recovery initiatives, guidelines and best practices updates to employees, customers, and partners

  • Supporting industry and organization thought leaders and influencers to manage COVID-19 recovery coalitions, committees, and/or task forces efficiently and effectively


COVID-19 Recovery Focus Areas:

  • Guidelines for Re-opening Business

  • Business Readiness

  • Business Compliance

  • Bringing Back Tourism, Travel, and Gatherings

Healthier and Safer Core Areas Include:

  1. Personal safety

  2. Enhanced cleaning

  3. Social density guidelines

  4. Entrance controls

  5. On-site services and management

The Viva! team can support and lead the following safer gathering initiatives for your organization:

Let’s Keep A Healthy Distance
Implementing protocols and procedures for internal and external meetings

Redefining and Launching New Meeting and Event Gathering Platforms
Defining and communicating your organization’s move forward plan for engaging with employees, customers, and partners. 

Health and Safety Travel and Meeting Policies and Guidelines
Updating travel and meeting policies and guidelines to promote health and safety

Hotel and Venue Gathering Policies
Defining and communicating your organization’s health and safety gathering requirements to hotels, conventions centers, and venues.

“Keeping You Healthy” Kits
Showing your employees and customers you are thinking of their health and safety as they return to work, travel, and/or gather.

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